Stack Blocking 101

Feel like your side blockers need to sharpen their technique? Here's a quick tip to ensure your stack blocking game is up to speed.

Why Stack Blocking is Important

This tip is for left side and right-side blockers so they can assist the middle blockers. They can be applied when blocking the middle attacker, as well as the hitter in your zone.

Stuck in the Middle

First things first, your hitter is your number one priority. With that said, here is how you help the middles.

When the other team passes you should be about three feet from your middle with your hands straight up in the air, legs slightly bent, ready to jump without going down first.

When the ball is set to the middle, you just half-jump to get your fingers/wrists over the net. Remember you won't have enough time to full-jump so make it a quick, accurate, controlled movement.

Don't reach over in front of your middle blocker, instead, reach straight up and over the net, this will help the defense fill any gaps.

Straight and Narrow

If the ball is set to the pin, keep your hands high and shoulders square to the net and move quickly, laterally to the outside and again, go STRAIGHT UP!

Liberos HATE when players reach out to the side and get tooled from the ball they should have dug.

Good luck and play hard.

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