Read Hitter's Eyes Blocking Drill

Good blocking is often good anticipation. Use this drill at your next practice to sharpen your blockers' skills and help them react to your opponent's hitters.

Setting Up the Drill

Three blockers start at the net. On the other side of the net there is a setter and two catchers, one at each antenna.

How the Drill Works

The coach tosses a ball to the setter. At this time the blockers watch the setter's hands until the ball is set.

When the ball has reached the halfway-point to the hitter (catcher), the blockers watch the hitter until the ball is hit (caught).

The blockers are not to be allowed to raise their heads to watch the ball once it reaches the halfway point to the hitter.

After about five tosses: rotate the blockers, with outside hitters blocking left, setters blocking right, and middles blocking in the middle.

This will ensure everybody has a chance to work on their game and get them ready for your next match.

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