New Age Groupings for Beach Volleyball

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The USA Volleyball Board of Directors has approved a change in the definitions of age groups for junior beach volleyball players competing in regional and national events to put them in line with those for indoor players.

Effective immediately, the beach age group definitions will be based on the player's age as of Sept. 1. These definitions will be used for the 2010 USA Beach Junior Tour.

The new definitions are:

12 and Under: Born on or after Sept 1, 1997
14 and Under: Born on or after Sept 1, 1995
16 and Under: Born on or after Sept. 1, 1993
18 and Under: Born on or after Sept 1, 1991
20 and Under: Born on or after Sept 1, 1989

The member regions of USA Volleyball were unanimous in their support of the change. The AAU as well as affiliated beach organizations are also making this change so the age categories will be consistent throughout the country.

"The rationale is that the change would reduce the confusion and simplify the process of transitioning from the indoor scene to the outdoor scene for our junior players," said Florida Region Executive Director Steve Bishop in support of the measure. "Not to mention the fact that the kids could compete together with the same athletes from their indoor teams."

The age group definitions for international beach and other beach high performance programs and events are keeping a Jan. 1 definition, which is in line with FIVB regulations:

A2-U26: Born in 1985, 1986, or 1987
A2-U23: Born in 1988 or 1989
Junior-U21: Born in 1990 or 1991
Youth-U19: Born in 1992 or 1993
Select-U17: Born in 1994 and after

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