Creating a College Recruiting Tape

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Need to send a tape to show off your skills? Since every player is unique in their strengths and weaknesses, tapes should be done slightly differently to highlight your positive attributes.

Here's a breakdown of things that should be on a tape and also things I liked seeing on tapes.

The Basics

Make sure to introduce the player in the video. Give the player's name, age and grade. Remember that colleges also want a student, so include information about GPA, SAT scores, intended major and scholastic goals. Show that the player is well-rounded by including any extra-curricular activities they participated in and any other positive elements that make the player special.

Also, to be sure prospective coaches know who the player is on the court, make sure to include a jersey number. I always have my players wear their club jersey in the video since that is normally where the coach will go to see them play in person.

Overhead Passing

With Overhead passing, I show all the different movements where a player would use this skill. Movement forward, backward, and laterally.

Forearm passing

As with Overhead passing, I show the same movements with Forearm passing. In addition, you should show serve receive skills in there as well. The one thing I look for from a good passer is how well they maintain a flatform always facing their target and how well they adjust to high balls and balls outside their body.


Hit medium-speed balls so the coach gets an idea on how the player prepares for and takes a driven ball. I usually do this from position two (coach) to position four (digger). Add some movement before the dig to show how the player reads and prepares.


Unless the player is weak with floorwork, I find it crucial to know how comfortable a player is with diving and rolling. Show enough of this to give the coach the confidence that the player can fit into their program right away with this skill.

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