College Recruit's Guide to Online Video

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I believe there is a stigma about posting video to the internet. At least when it comes to athletic recruiting. Part of the reason lies within the fact that most people are used to having DVDs produced. Whether creating a VHS tape or a DVD, use of these forms of media have been around for several years.

When I was in High School, dare I say, the late 80's, VHS was the way to go. So, for over 20 years, people have been spending hours splicing video to put on a tape or DVD (It is amazing how many people still refer to a DVD as a "tape" in conversations.) With most of us being creatures of habit, once adapted to this style of marketing ourselves, we keep doing it.

Most people will try and create their own DVD, "have a friend" do it or hire a "professional."
ANYONE can create a video these days from their own computer. It is not as difficult as you think. Whether you have a PC or a MAC, your computer comes equipped with editing software. Windows Movie Maker is installed in the PC and iMovie is installed in a MAC.

The quality of camcorders has improved significantly over the last few years and they have become very inexpensive. You can find digital camcorders at Target for under $200. The ability to shoot, capture, edit and post video from your own computer is not as challenging as you would think. The average parent can save hundreds to thousands of dollars by doing it themselves. Pay your child's friend with burritos to go out and film. Bring the camera home attach the firewire cable, capture the video to your computer using either the editing software mentioned above, the one included with your camcorder or one you can buy online.

Another scenario, especially in football, is that the coach has created a DVD for the athlete with all of his plays for the year or complete games. Usually, these DVDs have a .VOB file extension which is not compatible with most editing software. However, there is a free software, Chopper XP, that is made specifically for .VOB files. It allows you to chop/edit the plays that you would like to use for you highlights.

When using Chopper XP, put the DVD into your computer. Then on your desktop, select "My Computer." Right click on the DVD drive and select "open." You will see two folders, audio and video, select the video folder and search for the largest file size. That is the file that you want to click and drag to your desktop. Then open the Chopper XP software and import the file. You will want to save each video clip with a .mpg extension.

It will take a little time to learn how to use the software, like anything else, but it is not difficult. More and more software is becoming available that will make it easier to post video online. The ability to post video on line for college recruiting purposes is the most efficient way to market the athlete and create maximum exposure. Taking advantage of online technology to market yourself to college is a smart way to go if you want to play college sports and get a great education.

Once you have narrowed down your school options, the next step is letting them know that you are out there. The most efficient way is to create an online video profile with

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