Beginner's Guide to Blocking Terms

(AP Photo/George Frey)

Whether it's a front or a cross-over hop, help your newbie blockers improve their volleyball IQ with this primer to understanding the terminology of the position.

Penetrate: To seal the net with the hands and arms. Whenever possible, extend your arms across the
net (penetration).

Plant: When you move along the net to block, plant so that you jump straight up and down. Land
in the same position from where you jumped. Shoulders square to the net.

Sidestep: One step left (left- right) and block jump. One step right=right-left jump.

Shuffle Step: Step with leading foot and shuffle to plant position to block jump.

Cross-Over Hop: Step, cross over and block jump. Planting with a hop while trying to square feet, hips and shoulders to net.

Carry Hands High: When moving across the net and when jumping, carry the hands at shoulder

Hitter Cues for Blocking

Jump With Your Hitter: The farther off the net the hitter is hitting, the later your jump should be. Time your jump with his or hers.

Watch the Shoulders, Hands and Eyes: As the hitter's hands, shoulders or eyes turn, watch them and adjust to where they are trying to hit the ball. Take away that area.

Front Your Hitter: Blocker needs to move and set the block in front of where the hitter is
jumping. in other words, in the hitter's angle of approach.

Setter Watch: Watch the setter's hands. Focus on the setter's hands before the ball is set.

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