7 Ways to Improve Your Squad With a Pepper Game

Pepper isn't just about boosting your team's physical skills. It can also be a great way to sharpen your squad's mental concentration and build camaraderie.

Here are seven tips for making sure your pepper games are productive and engaging.

Pepper Game Tip No.1: Concentrate

Concentrate on improving your ball control skills during pepper warm-up. What you do in pre-game warm-up prepares you for game performance. Practice in pepper how you want to play in the game.

Pepper Game Tip No.2: Good Reception

Work on proper setting and serve-receive skill, form, and technique when performing pepper during pre-game warm-up. Every opportunity to play pepper is another opportunity to improve your basic setting and serve-receive skills. Take advantage of it.

Pepper Game Tip No.3: Work on Your Passing

Use pepper warm-up to practice perfect free ball passing form. Focus on keeping your partner from moving more than one step in any direction to pass the ball back to you.

Pepper Game Tip No.4: Elbows Up

Practice keeping your elbow high during your pepper hitting arm swing. Every opportunity to practice your arm swing makes you a hitter that reaches high for every set.

Pepper Game Tip No.5: Elevate Your Game

Imagine clearing the net height even when you pepper. This helps you contact the ball at its highest height.

Pepper Game Tip No.6: Control Your Speed

Raise your elbow, keeping it above the level of your ear while you control the ball speed to your partner. Hitting the ball low in pepper means there's a good chance you'll hit the ball low in hitting warm-ups and continue hitting the ball low in a game.

Pepper Game Tip No.7: Make Goals

Set goals with your pepper partner. Identify how many pass-set-hit combinations you both can do repeatedly while controlling the ball.

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