7 Steps to an Optimal Pepper Game

Feel like your pepper game could use some help?

Whether you're looking for a great warm up or a way to boost your reaction time, here are seven tips for helping volleyball players make their pepper games as effective as possible.

Pepper Game Tip No.1: Accept a Challenge

Challenge each other to improve. You improve when pushing yourselves beyond your comfort zone, learning to do things that initially might make you uncomfortable.

Pepper Game Tip No.2: React

Be down in your defensive position, ready to move in any direction just before your partner hits the ball. Your goal is to be in this low stance before the ball gets to you, not as it is getting to you.

Pepper Game Tip No.3: Hurry Up

React quickly. Then dig a controlled high ball back to your partner without making her move more than one step in any direction.

Pepper Game Tip No.4: Go Farther

Push yourself. This motivates you and your partner to increase the court area you both can defensively cover as your ball control improves.

Pepper Game Tip No.5: Pay Attention

Use the pepper drill to increase your focus and concentrate during warm-ups. Ignore pre-existing pre-game distractions like a small court, warming up in a small space, balls flying around the court in your pepper zone, or team benches.

Pepper Game Tip No.6: Hit Harder

Commit to hitting harder at your partner as your ball control skills improve during pepper warm-up. By hitting harder, you and your partner increase your reactions and ability to dig hard spikes. It also reduces your fear of digging hard hit balls.

Pepper Game Tip No.1: Find a Good Partner

Pepper with a guy or girl with good ball control skills. Playing with a male or someone better or stronger than you makes you a better, stronger, faster player.

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