4 Steps to Advanced Tipping

In an earlier article on volleyball tipping, we offered four tips to improve your squad's tipping. Here are four additional steps to master this subtle offensive weapon.

No.1: Be Patient

Wait as long possible before putting your hands on the ball and. pushing it over into the opposing court. You can very often save a tip gone bad and win the joust.

No.2: Go Deep

Tip deep. Confirm with your teammates that the opposing team is playing man-up defense--with a player responsible for picking up the tips--playing right behind the block. You now know you have deep court open spaces you can tip to. In practice, learn to tip high over the block to the deep corners of the court.

No.3: Choose Your Spots

Tip on a good set. Be unpredictable by mixing up your shots. Tip the balls everyone expects you to hit and hit the imperfect ones that are a little off the net. Be smart and use common sense. Leave those balls that are below the net height or too low to hit.

No.4: Down the Middle

Tip to the middle of the court instead of right behind the block. The middle of the court is the sweet spot on almost everybody's court. It's where points are often made because no one is covering that area. The middle of the court is almost always open especially when you feel you don't have any hitting options.

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