3 Steps to Transition Mastery

The squad that masters transitions is often the squad comes out on top. Here are three transition drills you can use in practice to help your team master game transitions.

Overpass Drill

Set up both sides of the court in defensive positions. The front row cannot block in the initial round; they can just cover tips.

The coach tosses an overpass to one of the front row players who can either hit the ball or pass it to the setter to be played out. Play out all rallies and switch the sides each time that are being given the overpass.

After both sides have had five overpasses rotate front to back. Play to 10 or 15.

If there is a second round allow the front row players to have the choice of blocking the overpass.

Team Transition Drill

Set up both teams just as though they are about to play a game-one team in serve receive and the other serving. Have one team serve and play out the rally.

The team that wins the rally receives a point and the coach immediately tosses them a ball, forcing them to transition and attack the ball. The coach keeps tossing a ball to the team that wins the rally.

Try playing until a team reaches five rallies and then switch front row to back row.

Transition Hitting Drill

Have two hitting lines set up with both coaches tossing balls to be hit. Two players start off shagging balls.

Each player hits two balls in a row, like in transition, and then they go and shag two balls and the shaggers then go and become hitters.

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