3 on 3 Front Row Transition

Successful transitions are key to a team's success on the court. Here is a volleyball transition drill perfect for sharpening your team's reaction time and maximize their scoring potential.

Setting Up the Drill

Have three front row hitters on each side. Each side should also have a setter in the right back position to play defense.

How the Drill Works

There should be one coach on either side of the net with balls. One of the coaches tosses a ball to the setter on his/her side and the setter sets one of the hitters and the other side tries to defend against the attack.

Role of the Coaches

If the attack is successful, the same coach immediately tosses another ball to the setter as the hitters transition to attack again (no tipping allowed).

If the other team wins the rally, they transition and attack with their coach tossing them the ball. Play a rally score game or do it just for time.

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