3 Drills for Setting Success

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All the spiking in the world won't save a team that can't "set" properly. Improve your team's offense with these three effective setting drills.

Volleyball Setting Drill No.1: Triangle

DRILL DESCRIPTION: Three players stand in a triangle and begin setting. Players must focus on turning their shoulders and feet so they are square to the target. This is a crucial aspect to setting. Direction changes can be signaled by a coach's whistle or directions can be left up to the players themselves.

Volleyball Setting Drill No.2: Sitting

DRILL DESCRIPTION: Two partners sit cross-legged, about 8-10 feet apart from each other. They set the ball back and forth. This develops arm and wrist strength because the legs are taken out of the set.

This is a great drill for young players because it helps develop their strength and coordination. Again, the idea is to get a high-arcing lob on the ball and to get it to the target. This drill can be difficult because the players are sitting down. However, it is an excellent way to develop a young setter.

Volleyball Setting Drill No.3: Side-to-Side

DRILL DESCRIPTION: Partners face each other and stand about 10 feet apart. Set balls back and forth and focus on using proper technique.

One partner stands still while setting and sets balls to the right and left of the other player, forcing him/her to move laterally to get to the ball. This player then sets the ball directly and accurately. Switch after 2-3 minutes.

Checkpoint: Feet and shoulders are square to target.

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