Our Favorite Triathlon Gear Right Now

If you've been around the sport of triathlon for a while, you know just how fast trends and products change. Every year, most major brands offer new gear and apparel that not only promise to give you free speed, but also make you more comfortable while doing so. And like any self-identified triathlete, we can't wait to get our hands on these new products for ourselves.  

Don't get us wrong—we're not saying your 10-year-old aero bike isn't worthy of racing. But look at where triathlon bikes are now, and you'll be blown away (especially at the price tag) by how far the technology has come. So even if a given product is a fraction of a percent more efficient than a previous model or competing product, it might just be worth the upgrade. 

Summer 2019 didn't disappoint when it came to new triathlon gear. We've gathered several new triathlon products (or updates to popular products) for you to check out. 


Garneau Tri Air Lite Shoes


Sure, they're pricey, but the features included in Garneau's new Tri Air Like triathlon shoes are next-level. We loved the previous model (Tri-400), and this update is cooler and faster with features like heat-shielding materials, new mesh vents and X-Comfort Zones. 

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tyr goggles

TYR Special Ops 3.0 Polarized Goggles 


TYR's new Special Ops 3.0 goggles builds on its uber-popular Special Ops 2.0 goggles by being about as comfortable as possible while still checking all the performance boxes. They have anti-fog polarized lenses, a wide peripheral range and are durable and hypoallergenic. What more could you ask for? 

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Reebok Running Epic Two-in-One Shorts


Every triathlete needs a good pair of running shorts for long training days, and this new offering from Reebok will quickly become your reliable go-to. It's cut above the knee (but not too far), and the fitted inner shorts combined with the slim-fitting outer is a great do-anything style—from foam rolling on the floor to tempo runs on the road. 

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reebok tank

Reebok Smartvent Tank Top 


Sun's out guns out? Cheesy, we know, but Reebok's Smartvent Tank Top is perfect for warm training runs in the blazing sun. The racerback design isn't restrictive in the slightest, and the material is designed to wick sweat and keep you cool. The slim fitting, strappy design looks great as athleisurewear, too. 

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nathan sports

Nathan Sports VaporKrar WaistPak


If you don't know Rob Krar, you should. He's an ultrarunner and coach with an impressive pedigree, and he helped design this minimalist waist pack (so you know it's legit). Updated for summer 2019, his newest version includes a larger 20-ounce soft flask and new graphics, and comes in three sizes for a more customizable fit. 

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body glide

Cycle Glide


Triathletes have sworn by the original Body Glide for years now, but their new balm specifically for cycling is a homerun, too. If you're going out for a training ride and are concerned about saddle sores, this ointment has natural plant waxes (no oils or petroleum) that help prevent friction and rubbing where needed.

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Jaybird Run XT


We've been big fans of the original Jaybird Run earbuds for a long time, so we were excited to check out the newest offering, the Run XT. The updated design is fully waterproof (sweat to your heart's content) and has a more comfortable fit for athletes. Better yet, they still sound amazing (arguably the best at this price point), with fully-customizable EQ. 

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Nuun Endurance 

$19.99, 11 oz.

Designed for workouts over 90 minutes (read: century rides or IRONMAN training), Nuun's new line of endurance-focused hydration drink mix includes a balanced ratio of carbs and electrolytes to sustain long-distance and high-intensity exercise. It's easy on the gut and is third party verified Non-GMO Project, Informed-Sport and Kosher to boot. 

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honey stinger

Honey Stinger Organic Waffles

$22.24, 15 waffles

We're bending the rules here a bit with this one. These energy-packed organic waffles have the same great taste we're accustomed to, but the packaging has been updated with a fast, fresh look for the first time in 17 years. This includes a new logo, brand statement, tagline (Sweeten the Burn), colors and font. 

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Pearl iZUMi

Pearl iZUMi Men's Tri Octane Suit


This tri suit was originally designed for pro athletes through Pearl iZUMi's Speed Shop program, but due to popular demand, it's now available for serious age-group triathletes looking for every advantage they can get. It has the best Pearl iZUMi features, including PRO Transfer Aero fabric to streamline airflow around your shoulders, as well as a fast-drying chamois to help improve movement and mobility while running. 

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floor pump

Silca SuperPista Digital Floor Pump


Silca is one of those companies in the cycling and triathlon world with some serious street cred. It’s been around forever, and it’s known for making high-quality, long-lasting pumps and tools. The new SuperPista Digital Floor Pump is one such offering that’s not only super accurate, but built to last as well. It pairs a full metal shock piston design and the classic Italian leather plunger washer with a digital gauge accurate to one percent. We especially loved the long filler hose and metal Presta chuck that magnetically attaches to the unit.

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bike helmet

ABUS GameChanger


Developed with input from the Movistar cycling team and worn in this year’s Tour de France, ABUS’ newest aero helmet packs a serious punch. Appropriately named the “GameChanger,” it’s loaded with the most up-to-date aero technology for the most performance-minded triathletes and cyclists. The multi-position fit is great for maximizing aero benefits for noggins of all shapes and sizes, and the Forced Air Cooling Technology uses large air channels to promote healthy airflow to keep you cool no matter your position.

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osmo nutrition

Osmo Nutrition Preload Hydration

$25, 9 oz

Famously endorsed by pro cyclist Peter Sagan, OSMO Nutrition has rolled out a new line of Preload Hydration, Active Hydration and Acute Recovery sports drink mixes for Summer 2019. We especially enjoyed the “Pineapple Lemon” flavor of Preload Hydration–not only does it help delay the effects of fatigue during hot, long days in the saddle, but it also tastes delicious (which encourages you hydrate that much more). Just drink one serving the night before exercise and one 30 to 60 minutes before exercise for the best results.

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ROKA Gen II Elite Aero Short Sleeve Tri Top


ROKA's first tri suit was a huge success, worn by elite professionals and landing on top of the podium several times over the years. Its newest offering utilizes its premium aerodynamic proprietary fabrics in a compressive tri top and is available in eight sizes, including tall. Not only will you be wearing the best tech as you swim-bike-run your way around the course, but you'll look sharp doing it, too. 

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Michael Nystrom

A California native, Michael Nystrom graduated from the University of Southern California with a master's degree in journalism. He is a 2x IRONMAN and has done countless sprint- and olympic-distance triathlons. Follow Michael on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.
A California native, Michael Nystrom graduated from the University of Southern California with a master's degree in journalism. He is a 2x IRONMAN and has done countless sprint- and olympic-distance triathlons. Follow Michael on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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