Leave Training to Exhaustion to the Pros

Your Training Dosage

Once you've done those three things, what is the best way to proceed with the day-to-day training? The truth is it doesn't actually matter that much.

Whether you are doing HIIT training, polarized training, periodized training or some other flavor of the month training, the purpose of any program is to deliver training stress to your body that you can recover from and progress off of.

You can overdo it with any of these plans if you follow blindly. Your primary job as a smart and engaged athlete is to make sure you aren't letting any of them overwhelm you. As a general rule, no matter how you choose to take your training dosage, the goal should be to never do a single workout or series of quality sessions that leave you more than a couple recovery days away from being relatively fresh.

This doesn't mean you aren't training hard, but the goal is to keep yourself feeling like you are on top of your fatigue, not under it. That way, you stay in a state where you can positively absorb your training stress and improve your performance, while remaining adaptable to the chaos of your total life.

Jesse Moore is the owner of Moore Performance Coaching. With a graduate degree in Exercise Physiology and years of practical experience, he has helped athletes achieve goals ranging from improved health and fitness, IRONMAN World Championship qualifications and top 10 GC placings in the Tour de France. As an athlete he has been a multi-time state champion in road cycling and a top ten age group finisher at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona.

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