'Touch 'em All' Baserunning


Players line up behind home plate with all runners paired up. In the first group, the first base runner runs through first (break down and find ball), while the second base runner runs and stops on second base (pick up 3rd base coach).

The next pair repeats the same steps while the base runner on second goes home with a slide at the plate and the runner on first picks up the third base coach while being waved around third. She then rounds third base and returns with a dive back on the coachs back call. Repeat until all pairs have gone, then switch the lead and trail base runners until all have had an opportunity to perform each task.

Equipment Needed:

Bases, Rake, Water, Helmets - Players

  • Mgr 1:
  • Water home & third (baseline) to soften slides, rake back dirt at home after each slide.
  • Mgr 2:
  • Rake home & third (baseline) before Mgr 1 waters it, rake back dirt at 3b after each slide
  • Coach:
  • 1st base coach working with runners and communication.
  • Coach:
  • 3 buckets of machine balls, mock throw w/feed.
  • Coach:
  • 3rd base coach working with runners and communication.

Drill was provided by Coach Ethan Shapiro of Georgia Tech University. Visit the Web site at www.ramblinwreck.com.

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