Striped Ball Mechanics

Many coaches overlook a great opportunity to instruct correct mechanics in throwing when the players are warming up. What I like to do is to have about 7-8 softballs with a stripe drawn right down the middle and have the players get on one knee and warm up letting the ball roll off the fingertips and imparting the proper "6-12" rotation to the ball. The ball will actually have "riseball" spin on it when done properly.

This drill is done completely with the wrist and fingers. The proper rotation "6-12" is necessary to make the ball fly straight to the target and to make it fly farther. If a ball thrown from 3rd base to 1st base has sideways or "curve ball" spin on it, what was a great throw directly to the firstbaseman, will now be way offline and could cause an error.

The ball with the peoper "6-12" rotation will fly perfectly straight to the target and with less drop. I usually have my players do this drill for about 5-10 minutes before throwing overhand.

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