Long-Toss Drill for Building Arm Strength

Looking for a way to build the arm strength of your team?

Here's an in-season drill you can use to increase distance in your team's throwing ability and (hopefully) keep your opponent's running game down to a minimum.

Purpose of the Drill

We use this throwing drill to strengthen the players arms during the season. This is a long-toss drill that tries to lengthen out all throws made.

Setting Up the Drill

We split the outfielders into two groups, one in left, the other in right. Every one else is in their positions.


Each group of outfielders start with one ball each. The left fielder throws through his cut-off man (a third baseman,Optional) to a catcher just off the plate.

As that ball comes in, a coach in front on the plate will short-toss a ball to a catcher that is in the catching position.

Upon receiving the ball they throw down to second base(like throwing out a runner), where a second baseman awaits the throw and makes a tag. They then throw a backhander to the next second baseman, who fields the backhand and throws to one of two first basemen.

This first baseman is on the outfield side of first base and about 3 to 4 feet away from the bag. They then return the ball to the next left fielder in line, who starts the process over again.

The right fielder makes a throw to third base through a cut-off man (a shortstop,Optional). The third baseman throws a backhand to the shortstop who turns and throws to the first baseman that is on the bag. (We usually put up a screen to keep the other first baseman from getting hit). The first baseman tosses the ball to a third first basemen who strings it out to the right fielder.

Maximum Participation

Every player should rotate to get a turn. The third basemen rotate with the shortstops to get in their throws.

Every throw should be on a line, either one or two hopping it. The first basemen who throw to the outfielders should throw it on a line as if it was across the infield.

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