Head Position for Softball Hitters

You can't hit a ball that you can't see, and if a player's head isn't in a strong hitting position their chances for success will suffer.

Here's a quick, but very effective, drill that coaches and parents can use to identify a hitter's proper head position and help them maximize their offensive potential.

Eyes Follow the Head

The majority of information received by our brains is gathered through our eyes. As a hitter, it is crucial that the head, and therefore the eyes, be in the proper position.

Finding the Strong Eye

With your athletes in a semi-circle around you, and approximately the distance from homeplate to the mound apart, hold a ball at the release point. Have them point a finger directly at the ball with both eyes open.

Now, holding their finger as steady as possible, have them alternately close each eye. The opened eye that causes the ball to "move" the least is their strong eye.

At the Plate

Now have your players take a batting stance relative to you as the pitcher. Using only the strong eye, they should rotate their head, keeping it level, to the point where the ball is perfectly focused. This is the position their head should be in when batting.

Have them use this (new) batting stance as a foundation for all future hitting. Note: You could also tape them with a video camera and show them differences in their swing.

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