End-of-Practice Breakdown Drill

Looking for a way to end your softball practices on a high note? Here is a breakdown drill ideal for keeping your squad sharp and feeling confident in their fundamentals.

Setting Up the Drill

This is a "break down drill" involving the use of partners. Have your team break into two's at the end of practice.

How the Drill Works

On their knees have your players roll each other the ball. While fielding with bare hands (enforce soft hands; paddles can be good for this) they lift their feet off the ground behind them.

Purpose: This forces them to see the ball all the way in.

Variations of the Drill

After they have done about twenty of these tell them to put their gloves on. Do about twenty of them that way.

Then have them work forehand and backhands the same way. When they are done with that, tell them to stand up and do the same things while standing. (Start with their gloves off and go back through the rotation.)

Feet Placement

When they do backhands and forehands make them start with their feet already in the position they would be in when fielding the ball and make them concentrate on having soft hands. We do this drill everyday on my college team.

While it can be really annoying and repetitive, it really does help you focus on the basics and make sure that they are right going forward.

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