5-Step Pitching Checklist

Feel like your pitching mechanics are a bit out of whack? Need to simplify your approach on the mound?

Here is a simple 5-step breakdown of the pitching motion that will keep you fundamentally sound and pitching your best.

Short back one: The most common mistake is stepping to the side and moving out of the tunnel. Make a small baby step straight back.

Step and turn two: The most common mistake here is losing eye contact with the target. Be sure you keep your hands together and high.

High three: There are two ways to get here. Pick the leg or swing the leg. Pickers have better control. The higher the leg at three the faster the fastball.

Front four: Leave high three by bending the back knee, so you can drop and drive. Square up everything as the front foot lands. Make a 90-degree angle with the arm to side, at the elbow and keep the wrist straight and loose.

Low five: Finish in a low fielding position to protect yourself and to make your delivery consistent.

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