Two player mirror drill

Purpose: To develop deception and feints when beating an opponent and to improve your overall attacking play. Developing your deceptions and feints during a practice session will help you to change direction quickly and give you confidence when attacking opponents during a game.

Organization: Set out a 10 x 10 yard area. Group in pairs--one ball per pair. Create an "imaginary" line midway, using discs (or any object as a marker), on either side of the area. Position one player on each side of an imaginary line made by the discs.

Game Objective: Player #1 starts with the ball. Neither player is allowed to cross the imaginary line. Player #1 attempts to dribble to either of the discs before Player #2 touches the very SAME disc. Repeat practice with Player #2 in possession. To encourage feints, try doing the practice first without a ball, then with.

Progressions: Use a feint, dummy or a trick to deceive your opponent in aiding you to get to the disc first.

Playing Tips:
  1. Close control
  2. Keep head up whenever possible
  3. Change of pace and direction
  4. Bend knees and drop shoulders
  5. Use feints and dummies

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