Training Abroad Requires Extensive Preparation

However, complications arose at the consulate's office. They began to ask for more proof, more documents. We scrambled to get everything together. The initial application was rejected. We submitted the whole thing over again, and the second application was finally approved.

It took another four weeks before he could arrive in the program. That's an unusual case. About 99 percent of the time, most applications are accepted without incident. So long as people put the documents together exactly as instructed, the application generally goes smoothly.

If you're considering long-term programs, it's also important to have current academic transcripts and school records available. One of the criteria for acceptance into these long-term soccer training programs is to be both a serious soccer player committed to developing and a student in good current and past academic standing.

For the younger students still at high school, one of the things they have to consider when studying abroad in a high school program is that you won't automatically receive credit for those subjects you're taking abroad. Students must pass courses abroad with a 51 percent or better and ultimately it depends upon the North American school to accept or not accept transfer academic credit from abroad.

For that reason EduKick recommends that interested players and parents communicate with your home school before you leave. Explain what you're doing for the year. We generally supply the foreign curriculum of academic courses to be taken to help you get the agreement. The agreement basically states, "Yes if you receive a passing grade, we will credit that."

Every year things change, the process is always evolving, so it keeps us on our toes. The consulates all have the same general guidelines, but each office has their own little quirks. They need a new document, or suddenly they don't allow people to apply by mail, etc.

We keep on top of international soccer travel changes on a daily basis. When our students call us, we have the latest information to assist them in fulfilling their dreams of international soccer training.

Whether you stay for a few months or an entire year, training with professional coaches in another country adds a pretty impressive mark to your résumé. Think the guys back home will have that? It gives you an edge, and in a sport this competitive, you'll need every advantage you can get.

Kick start your soccer training today with EduKick Academic Year Soccer Boarding Schools in Italy, England, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and China. Inquire at: 1(866) EDU-KICK (338-5425)
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