The Crab Drill

Have your entire team stand along one side of the penalty box. Pick one player to go inside the penalty box without a ball. This player is the first crab. When the coach gives the command, all of the players must try and dribble past the crab and safely make it to the other side of the penalty box. If the players lose control of their ball and it goes anywhere outside of the penalty box's four sides that person must leave their ball and become a crab as well.

Now here's the catch. Crabs must attack the oncoming dribblers with only their feet. They walk around the penalty box on their hands and feet, with their butt facing downward. Every time they kick a ball out of the grid the loser of the ball becomes a crab. When players successfully make it across the penalty box, they wait for the coach's command to head back across the box again. By the end of the game there should be an entire penalty box filled with crabs and one or two players trying to dribble through all of them.

What Coaches Should Look For

This is a great game for younger kids to play. They love the idea of walking around like crabs and it really does increase their ability to dribble. Because they are so anxious to avoid the crabs, they are forced to keep their heads up and look for openings that they can dribble through and stay free of crab legs.

Make sure that once players cross the penalty box, they wait for you to restart them on their way back. You should wait until everyone who hasn't been caught by the crabs to pass before starting the dribblers on their way back.

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