Q&A With U.S. Team Captain Kristine Lilly

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Two-time World Cup champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist, Kristine Lilly, is in China for her fifth Women's World Cup. Lilly took time out to share her thoughts on the team and the games ahead as she gears up for another go at the Women's World Cup title.

What is the atmosphere like surrounding the team?
The team is in great spirits and we are excited for our games.?

What has life been like over the last few weeks?
Life here in China has been pretty good.? We are staying in nice hotels and the food isn't bad at all. The people are extremely friendly and super nice.?

What does it feel like to be at the World Cup Games?
It is very exciting to be part of a World Cup team, and playing to be the best in the world is just amazing.

How cohesive is the team?
The team has been connecting great on and off the field. We have been training for almost three years now and we know how each other play, and the rhythm gets better and better every time we play.

What will be the biggest challenges for the U.S. team?
I think every game is a challenge. Our goal is to ultimately win the World Cup, but we have some challenges to get through. We have to get out of our group, so we have to win some games and get points to be one of the top two.

Which games are going to be particularly difficult??
All the games are challenging. This is the World Cup--this is what every team trains for and it is time to step it up.

Any advice for your young fans??
Try and see as many games as you can. Obviously root on the U.S., but watch the other teams play. It will help your development as a player.? And cheer loud so we can hear you.

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