Creating a soccer-learning environment

This tip comes to you from Kamal de Gregory, director of and Bahamas National Team player.

We want our players to learn soccer, right? That is our goal as soccer parents and coaches. The best way to support players is to provide rich soccer environments and provide multiple opportunities in those environments.

Yes, I'm saying find your sons and daughters a really good coach and put them in many soccer type situations to challenge their learning. Wow, for being a soccer guru, I can really state the obvious.

What's different? Before today, there would be only a small number of kids who could be lucky enough to be in those environments. First, having an excellent and experienced teacher of the game. Second, that they are exposed to more that just that one environment to learn. More often than not, the reality that most players deal with is that they have a good natured but inexperienced coach and only get their soccer teaching from this one source.

I said before today a new phenomenon is popping up now in soccer training that is providing an extra environment for players who would normally be just out of luck. It is the online soccer training option. Yes, like many things today it is new, but it is set to provide critical information that players would never get otherwise.

I am advocating soccer education in many different ways all at the same time. Now could you imagine how much a soccer player can grow with a good coach, watching soccer games on TV and getting extra training help online. Where as a few years ago, the only way to grow in soccer was by having a good coach, because soccer on TV and online were not available. Players have options now, more than just changing soccer teams. Now they can keep growing, regardless of what is happening on the field.

The landscape of soccer is changing; those that were previously out of touch can be brought up to speed almost instantly. Embrace the changes for the good of the game and for the good of the players.

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