Calling All the Right Moves

Set Up

Place all of your players within the penalty box. Each player should have their own ball at their feet and be dribbling around the area. They should be using the entire area, weaving in and out of each other and moving from side to side. After the players feel comfortable with the space they are in, you begin to call out commands.

Suggested Commands

Turn Inside: Athletes should turn with the inside of their foot
Turn Outside: Athletes should turn with the outside of their foot
Turn Heel: Athletes should use a light heel pass, turn and run right back onto their ball
Turn Sole: Athletes should use the sole of their foot to turn the ball well as different moves that you have taught your kids such as stepover, and any others.

After calling a command out, your athletes should follow the command and then have a burst of speed carrying the ball five or so yards. After that burst they should slow back down to a moderate pace and wait for the next command. To increase the difficulty of this drill you can label the moves with numbers. This makes it much more difficult for the athletes to process and makes them concentrate much more. For example "turn inside" would be "1", "turn outside" would be "2" and so on and so forth.

What to Look for Coaches:

It is important that your athletes listen to you and follow each command properly. It is your job to make sure they aren't continually doing the same moves. Make sure to change up the calls often, but don't be afraid to call the same thing a few times in a row to really make them think. This drill is a great way to warm kids up before practice. It allows them to get some light running in as well as some touches on the ball.

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