8 Nutrition Tips for Traveling Soccer Teams

Traveling to a soccer tournament can be stressful for parents and coaches. Booking hotels, keeping track of dozens of players, organizing transportation...there seems to be countless things to remember with team travel. Just how is there time to worry about what your young players are eating?

It's all in the preparation. Here are eight tips from the new book "Food Guide for Soccer--Tips & Recipes From the Pros" on how parents, managers and coaches can make sure players are well-fueled when on the road.

? Remind each player to bring a personal supply of emergency food and fluids. For insurance, request each player bring an extra filled large water bottle.

? If flying, have each player pack one or two empty water bottles to be refilled after going through airport security.

? If the team will be eating as a group, order a buffet-style meal, so each player can choose the foods they want, and to be able to get the desired quantity.

? Find restaurants immediately after arriving to your destination. Ask if they can prepare to feed a large group (so you don't have to wait forever for service, give them a heads up) and if they can accommodate your group's sports food needs.

? Request pitchers of water be put on each table.

? Locate the local supermarket. Find a volunteer to buy snacks for the group. Ask for volunteers to organize team meals or snacks at game sites, if necessary.

? Provide fresh fruit, yogurt, granola bars, and juice boxes for snacks to be available in hotel rooms.

? Remind players to pack their plastic zip lock bag of non-perishable snacks in their soccer bags, so it is with them at all times. And then, not to forget to eat those snacks!

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