How to Do a Switch Half-Cab with Jordie Karlinski

Difficulty level: Beginner/intermediate. "It's an easy rotation," says Jordie. "The trick is just being comfortable going up to the jump switch."

Ms. Karlinski, Real Quick

Stance: Goofy. +18 in front and -9 in back.
Setup: 149 cm K2 Fling. I usually ride a 147, though-- this just happens to be bigger.
Home mountain: Snowmass, Colorado
Sponsors: K2, Nikita, Scott, Aspen/Snowmass, Radio
Riding for: 10 years

I like this trick because it's simple to learn and simple to do. It's a good trick if you come off a rail switch and head right into a jump. You should be comfortable going switch--and switch up to a jump, especially--before attempting this trick. You do not need to know how to do a switch straight air, though.

I learned this trick from my coach, Miah Wheeler, and it wasn't hard at all to figure out. I just kept doing it and doing it, and now I'm as comfortable as can be. I would suggest starting on small jumps at first, then slowly moving up. This half-cab can help you learn cab threes and cab fives. --Jordie

Here's How:

Step 1: Assess the jump. You want to be sure you have enough speed to clear the jump, so test it out by straight-airing it first.

Step 2: Start heading for the takeoff, riding switch. Be aware of your speed.

Step 3: Once you're about 10 to 15 feet away from the lip, straighten out so you can hit the jump dead-on.

Step 4: Go STRAIGHT off the jump at first, like you're doing a switch straight air. You want to launch straight off the jump because if you don't you might catch your edge. Look right at the lip as you go off, and then right at the center of the landing once you are in the air. Your legs are bent and your arms are by your side, ready to grab your board once you get into the air.

Step 5: Slowly rotate your body to the left if you're goofy, or to the right if you're regular.

Step 6: Once you've turned the first 90 degrees, so your board is sideways in the air, go for the Indy grab. (Since I normally ride goofy, I grab the middle of my board with my left hand.) The grab doesn't necessarily stabilize you--it makes the trick look better, though, and it can make you feel more comfortable in the air.

Step 7: Let go of your grab right after you've completed the full 180-degree rotation, and just before you're going to land.

Step 8: Since you've been spotting your landing the whole time--Right? Right!--it should be easy to land with your normal front foot forward once your rotation is complete. Your knees will still be bent, and your arms should be relaxed after you let go of the grab. You're looking straight down the landing at this point.

Step 9: Land going straight down the landing and ride away.

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