How-to: Do a Kickflip

Kick down on the edge of the board to flip it.

Are you bored of the basic ollie? Want to step up your skateboarding skills and show your friends how it's done?

Learn to do a kickflip--the common follow-up skill to an ollie. The kickflip is similar to the ollie but more difficult because you have to spin the board around in the air. You can do this by kicking down on the edge of the board with the toe of your front foot.

1. First you have to learn how to ollie. The ollie is fundamental to the kickflip so make sure you have it nailed down before attempting a kickflip.

2. Set up with your back foot on the tail and your front foot behind the front screws of your skateboard.

3. Start doing an ollie but slide your front foot off and kick down on the edge of your skateboard to make it flip around.

4. Bring your front foot back up to stop the skateboard from spinning once it has flipped around.

5. Then bend your knees as you hit the ground.

This trick is visually appealing and great for showing off to your buddies. As with any skateboard trick, be sure to wear protective gear and don't give up too soon. It may take a few good falls, but the more you try, the better you will get. Try it out a few times on a softer surface like grass to get the feeling of what your feet should be doing.

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