Thoughts All Runners Have While Self-Quarantined

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For many of us, running is cherished as both a social outlet and our activity of choice for not just staying in shape, but getting out and exploring new areas. It feels strange complaining about being stuck indoors unable to run while people are affected by the coronavirus, but for those of us who define ourselves by running on a regular basis, this outbreak has caused a major lifestyle shift that can be, let's just say, a tad frustrating

Before we get into the lightheartedness of this fun article intended for a brief escape from reality, we'd first like to extend our condolences to those who have been affected by COVID-19. The events unfolding before us are something we've never experienced as a society at this scale, and with communities affected both physically and financially, it has simply been a lot to comprehend. We urge our readers and their families to periodically check in with credible sources like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for COVID-19 updates, as well as practice preventative measures like regularly washing hands and social distancing. 

While not all areas are limiting outdoor activity, many runners in large urban areas are being advised to stay inside and self-quarantine. If you're a runner (or you're self-quarantining with one), you know how exasperating this can be--what do you mean the fitness center is closed?  

The answers aren't so clear-cut, but one thing's for sure--like kids who have had too much Halloween candy, runners all around the world are going a bit stir crazy. Here are some thoughts all runners have while bouncing off the walls in self-quarantine. 

*Alarm goes off*

It's 5 a.m., the track is closed, can't go outside, what now? 

Can't go back to sleep, must get up and do something.

First, breakfast. 

Hmmm, we're out of eggs—I wonder if I can substitute it with a gel...

Protein pancakes it is—with a side of chews, why not? 

Let's check in with *enter running partner's name*. 

I've heard something about doing a "Zoom," let's try it out. 

*Gets sidetracked by Strava*

Man, so-and-so has a treadmill? Lucky!

Wait, I just used "treadmill" and "lucky" in the same sentence; I must be losing my mind. 

*Looks at running watch, checks heart rate*

OK, just like a marathon, let's take this in chunks—gotta keep busy. 

I should organize my closet, maybe by color. 

Orange neon...yellow neon...more orange neon...

Hey, there's where my other sock went!

Alexa, what's the best way to wash my running shoes? 

I wonder how many laps of my living room I'd have to do to run a 5K.

Math is hard. I'm gonna do as many as I can in one hour. 

*fourth lap rolls around, dog looks up confused*

That's not gonna work, gotta try something else. 

This'll do nicely—now we're talkin'. 

Recovery time. Let's stretch and see what Netflix recommends. 

What is Tiger King? 

Nope, definitely not, nope—Lion King is more my speed.  

I think I'm gonna go with one of these instead.  

Man, I wish I was running right now—maybe I could do the Barkley... 

*Searches for local running events—a couple hours roll by*

How long is this virus gonna stick round, I'm hungry! 

We may not have eggs, milk or anything green, but looks like I have enough electrolytes, protein powder and recovery mix to last 'til June.

We can do this, we can do this.

Wait, that was only day one? 

At least I still have toilet paper.

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