The Funniest Running T-Shirts

You love running—and you want everyone to know it. These shirts for runners (and the people close to them) let you show your true feelings for the sport without saying a word.

french toast-1

Pardon My French... Toast
Excuse us.

drpepper shir-2

Running on Dr. Pepper
Not exactly the ideal fueling method. But whatever works.

drag across-3

Drag Me Across
Finishing is finishing.

run slow shirt-4

I Run Slow
So thoughtful.

Half Crazy-5

Only Half Crazy
It could be worse. (We're talking to you, marathoners.)

Pause My Garmin-6

Pause My Garmin
Priorities, people.

Zombie Apocalypse-7

Training for the Zombie Apocalypse
But like the Walking Dead zombies, not the World War Z zombies. Much slower.

I'm Not Last-8

Not Last
Not losing = winning, in my book.

Your Pace or Mine-9

Your Pace or Mine?
So romantic.

Love Running Hate Running-10

Love-Hate Relationship
Truer words have never been spoken.

I Don't Run-11

I Don't Run
The screaming should also be a dead giveaway.

Sloth in Nutella-12

Sloths in Nutella
That counts, right?

I Like Beer-13

I Like Beer
We all have our reasons.

Will Run for Wine update-14

Will Run for Wine
Like I said, we all have our reasons.

Gingerbread Running Team-15

Gingerbread Running Team
Run, run as fast as you can.

Running Sucks-16

Running Sucks
Wear this sarcastically—or not.


The Best Kind of Punishment
Just admit it: you like pain.

Stuff Holder-18

"Stuff" Holder
For that special spectator who knows his or her place.


Well, that's disappointing.

Free Banana-20

Free Banana
I mean, they cost about a dollar at the grocery store.

World's Okayest Runner-21

World's Okayest Runner
Hey, just being honest.

Running Buddy-22

Running Buddy
Guaranteed to never cancel on you.

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