The Best Gear to Keep You Cool on Hot Runs

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As temperatures rise, so does the chance for chafing and sunburn. Bypass these warm weather woes by choosing loose-fitting items made of technical fabrics that draw sweat away from the body and keep you cool. And don't forget important accessories like hydration belts, hats and blister resistant socks! A few key pieces can go a long way in making your run more comfortable.

Nathan Sport's Pinnacle Hydration Belt

The more you sweat, the more you need to hydrate, so a fluid belt or handheld flask becomes essential for summer runs. Nathan's newest offering, the Pinnacle Belt, features adjustable straps that compress your flask as you drink it (and limits bounce, too)! The belt has four exterior pockets, including one in the front that's the perfect size for a phone, two on the sides for fuel and one in the back that holds a 20 oz bottle. This belt carries your gear and keeps you hydrated—a long-distance runner's dream.

Tracksmith Women's Allston Shorts

These high-waisted shorts feature a generous 5-inch inseam and multiple pockets, including a key pocket in the front and a phone pocket at the back waistband. The fabric manages to be compressive while still wicking away sweat. And you won't have to worry about them riding up—the hems have silicone dots to hold the shorts in place on even the sweatiest jaunts.

Ciele Go Cap

These fast drying, reflective and lightweight caps are a favorite among runners for a reason. They manage to check all the boxes for performance while also earning big style points. The caps come in a wide range of colorways (we love the pearl white for summer), and bonus: The cap's REPREVE fabric is a top-rated recycled performance fiber. The Go Cap also features moisture-wicking mesh, which will keep your head cool no matter the temperature.

Run in Rabbit Speedez Men's Singlet 

For high performance in hot weather, the less you notice your gear, the better. The Speedez singlet has a perforated back for maximum airflow. Combined with the ultra light, fast drying and sweat-wicking material, chafing doesn't stand a chance when you wear it. We recommend saving the singlet for when you need to feel your best—races, long runs and tough workouts.

Balega's Blister Resist No Show Socks

Whether you're training for a race or just getting back into shape, there's nothing worse than a mid-run blister. Luckily, there's a sock that promises to eliminate friction blisters altogether. Balega's Blister Resist No Show running socks combine mohair and moisture-wicking technical fibers to keep feet dry and comfy. They also feature a seamless toe construction and mesh ventilation panels to further keep feet cool, dry and blister free. Sure, good socks aren't as flashy as a pair of shorts or a jacket, but we'd argue they might be just as important when it comes to running.

Gatorade Gx sweat patch

New to the endurance scene is this single-use wearable patch from Gatorade. The gist: Wear this small patch on the middle inside of your left arm while you exercise, and scan the patch with the app afterward. The two then work together to compile reports on fluid loss, sodium loss and sweat rate (the amount you sweat over the course of an hour). If you sweat heavily or need some help figuring out fueling, this might be your new running BFF.

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