Quick Training Tips for Your First 10K


I recently started jogging and plan to enter a 10K this summer. Any training tips?


Great idea! Setting training goals will help you stay motivated to exercise regularly. Here are some ideas to help.

It's important that you have properly fitting, comfortable running shoes. It's best to go to an athletic store specializing in running gear and talk to a shoe expert who can address your specific needs.

Find a running buddy to help you stay on target with your training timetable. Can't find anybody to make the commitment? Try a dog--always ready and willing, and it doesn't need fancy shoes!

Start increasing your running distance by a half-mile a week until you can comfortably run three miles a day, three days a week. Then plan backward from your projected race date. If your goal is a 10K (6.2 miles), your longest training run should be five miles, about 10 days before the race.

If you don't usually run in the morning, make sure to plan a few early training runs, as most 10K runs are in the morning.

Add in some cross-training. Lap swimming, yoga, walking and cycling are all great workouts that will complement running.

Make sure to stay well-hydrated. Water is the best fluid replacement for a 10K run. Drink before, during and after all your runs for peak performance.

The week of the race, plan to run three to four miles in the early part of the week and allow a day or two of rest before the big event.

Eat a light, nutritious dinner the night before your race, get to bed early and have a great time.

Afterward, wear your race T-shirt every day for the next several months and brag about your accomplishments.

10K Training tips from Lee Lipton, health and fitness manager

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