How to Make the Most of the Fall Running Season

fall running

After a long, hot, humid summer, the sweep of brisk fall weather into the country can only mean one thing for us runners: Our best miles are finally here. 

Fall running is the pinnacle of running. The temperature is just right—not too hot, not too cold (all you need is a light jacket). The outside world is filled with beauty. Countless races are fast approaching. And honestly, nothing sounds better than a long Saturday run, topped off with a warm hazelnut or pumpkin spice latte from your local coffee shop. 

To help you take full advantage of fall this year, we've listed the top things you need to do before the season is over.

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Get the Heck Outside

Summer running is HARD. Winter running is even HARDER. Spring running could be manageable, but we're pretty sure it rains every five seconds between March and May. Fall is your big chance to run outside with minimal interruptions! For the majority of the season, you'll likely experience perfect running temperatures in the 50s and 60s, mixed with the last of summer's light-filled days. This is a dynamite combo and can easily lead to your most memorable outdoor runs of the year. 

Buy New Running Shoes

The largest brands typically unveil new running shoes twice a year—in the spring and in the fall—but fall is the bigger release, which means you can expect all the latest kicks to be filling up your social media feed soon. Since you'll probably be running extra miles over the next few months (see above), we think that's all the excuse you need to splurge on a new set of kicks. Start with our 2018 Fall Running Shoe Guide to see the latest releases.

Sign Up for a Goal Race

Fall is also when most runners are kicking it into high gear with their training plans and getting ready for a late November or early December race before taking some time off for the holidays. If you're feeling extra enthused about your running again thanks to the gorgeous fall weather, sign up for an end-of-the-year goal race. We like to think a sense of personal victory is the perfect pairing for delicious holiday food.

Do a Fun Run—or Three

If you're not in the mood for long training runs this fall, take advantage of the many fun runs that occupy the fall season. You have three options to choose from: spooky Halloween runs (often done in full costume!), the classic Turkey Trot before your Thanksgiving feast and a Santa run to finish out the year. Nothing will make you fall (see what we did there?) in love with running more than being surrounded by all that seasonal cheer.    

Build Your Base for the New Year

Let's not forget that plenty of racing opportunities will pop up in April, also known as Boston Marathon month. If you're looking to make a serious jump in distance, now is the time to build your base so you'll be ready to pack on the mileage come January. If you run 10Ks and are ready to make the jump to a half, or you run 13.1s and your New Year's resolution will be a marathon, fall is a great time to build a steady, solid running base that makes for the perfect jumping off point next year.

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