6 Speed Workouts to Run a Faster 5K

A 5K is the perfect distance for both beginning runners and veterans. New runners can pride themselves on finishing a 5K race, and more advanced runners can use the distance to set a new PR.

Since 3.1 miles is a relatively short distance, an advanced runner can focus on more specific preparation in order to improve speed. And if your training is sound, you can run strong from the start and cross the finish line with a negative split.

But how do you actually train for a 5K? These essential workouts will help you run strong at your next race and set a new personal best.

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Workouts Fall on a Spectrum

Race workouts fall on a spectrum that goes from general to specific. Specific workouts are usually more advanced. If you're a new runner, you should build your fitness foundation first before you incorporate specific workouts.

Let's take a look at some examples. If you're training for a marathon, running 15 miles at your goal marathon pace is very specific to the demands of the race. Just like three 1-mile repetitions at your goal 5K pace is specific to the 5K race distance.

You can take this principle and apply it to any race. Running 2 x 5K at your goal 10K pace is very specific to a 10K race.

An easy 3-mile run would be considered a general workout. This type of workout won't help you build your race-specific fitness like a challenging training run that's similar to the race itself.

Now that we understand the difference between general and specific workouts, let's see how a runner can plan a progression to train for a 5K.

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