7 Things Runners Can't Stand


There are some things that can really rub us runners the wrong way. Sure, they might seem silly, but they're enough to make any serious runner want to grind his teeth and throw his running shoes. Which of these bothers you?

1. The kid on race day who sprints ahead and then stops in front of you and then sprints again.

It's great to see children embrace the sport at such a young age. We love to cheer them on, too—that is, until they stop abruptly right in front of you during a race, totally throwing off your stride.

2. The word "jogger."

Being called a "jogger" is a hit to any runner's confidence. Most will tell you that even if they're not speedsters, their achy knees, racing bibs, and muddy shoes all point to being a runner.

3. That car that honks at you.

Having a car horn blare at you doesn't feel like encouragement for most runners. To a runner, that honk says, "Get out of the way!" And when that honk comes when we're fatigued and trying to power through the end of a workout, it's the last thing we want to hear.

4. Animals that scare you midway through your run.

You're in the zone and have settled into your long run when a dog charges you and starts barking. The surprise sends your heart rate skyrocketing and you end up jumping out of the way, needing a few minutes to recover.

5. Your GPS watch dies mid-run.

You're about to set a PR when you look down and realize your Garmin has been dead for the last few miles and hasn't tracked your blistering pace. Even worse, it throws off your graphs and charts in your training log.

6. Losing your keys on a run.

Some running gear comes equipped with hidden pockets to store your car or house key, but that doesn't always guarantee we'll come home with it. If you've ever had to backtrack four miles to find your car key, you know how frustrating it can be.

7. Wind that seems to come from every direction.

Ever spent half your run wondering when that tailwind is going to kick in? It's easy in theory to start a run into the wind and expect to have it at your back on return, but some windy days aren't that simple. Crosswinds and wind tunnels between houses and buildings can keep runners from a consistent pace, not to mention just generally being miserable.

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