10 Yoga Poses All Runners Should Try

For runners, yoga can be used as a cross-training activity to build strength and improve flexibility and balance.

That’s why Erin Hirbour, yoga practitioner and wellness blogger at ErinHirbourYoga.com, teaches a special Yoga for Runners class in Boston.

Hirbour chooses poses that strengthen the feet, build power and speed, and “create a strong foundation for the rest of our body to build upon.”

But, just like running, yoga is a mental training activity, as well, explains Cynthia Akey, owner of Cynergy Wellness and yoga instructor in Sacramento, Calif.

“We learn to center and focus on the moment, become one with the experience, noticing what arises,” she says. “With regular practice, we begin to eliminate obstacles, connect to ourselves, and live more fully.”

Here are 10 poses to try.

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