10 Exercises to Build Strength

Are you getting ready for a 5K, obstacle-course race, marathon, century ride or triathlon? Or do you just need to change up your strength-training routine? These 10 exercises will build strength, and help your body adapt to the sport-specific training you're doing. While running, swimming and/or cycling should be the main focus of your training, strength training creates a balanced athlete. Strength training should be done twice a week. Pick two exercises that focus on your lower body and two exercises that focus on your upper body for the first strength session of the week, then pick four different upper- and lower-body exercises for your second weekly session. Pick a handful of these exercises, and master the movements. To ensure progression, you'll have to change up the variables by adding more weight, sets and reps. Keep track of your workouts in your log book so you can chart your progression easily.

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