Your Camping Supplies Checklist for Summer

As much as everybody loves summer, warm weather camping can get a little difficult. With extreme heat, you need to bring extra water, light clothing, and find ways to stay comfortable all night in your non-air conditioned tent. This camping supplies checklist will help you stay cool all day long.

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All of your bedding should be light and cool. Lighter gear will also save you on room and weight if you're backpacking or need to hike in to your site. Add a lightweight, nylon sleeping bag to your camping supplies checklist. This is your best bet for staying cool all night. 

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Lightweight Sleeping Pad

While this falls under bedding, you have so many options here it needs a category all its own. Your summertime sleeping pad should be light and airy. Though inflatables are the lightest and coolest, closed cell pads aren't as prone to damage or popping. Some even have anti-fungal properties and are abrasion resistant—which comes in handy when it's hot enough to get out of the stuffy tent and sleep out under the stars.

Airy Tent

Depending on where you go camping, summers are not only be hot, but they can also bring erratic and unexpected storms. Look for a rain fly, taped seams, good ventilation, and wind resistance when buying your summer tent.

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One of the important items on your camping supplies checklist is a cooler, but even more so in the summer. For especially warm trips, it may even be a good idea to bring two coolers: one for your food stuff and one for your drinks. Try to keep coolers in the shade, to slow the ice melting process. Call the campground ahead of time to see if they sell ice, or if you have to buy it off the property. 

Insect Repellant

Almost as important as sun block is effective insect repellant. While an evening campfire works as a natural bug repellant, it's not enough to stay bite free for the entire trip. 

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