8 Best Face Sunscreens to Beat the Elements

Vertra Elemental Resistance

SPF: 38, 45 and 50
Drip Factor: Very low, especially in the Beige and Kona Gold tinted Shelter Sun Resistant Foundation Face Stick.

Their mission statement claims: "We simply do not have the everyday, sunbathing consumer in mind." And that's true. They've developed their face sticks (foundation-based tinted and translucent) and cream purely for the hardcore outdoor athlete and are endorsed by a bevy of the world's best surfers, paddlers and other waterpersons. And when you've got backing from Hawaiian, Australian and Californian athletes, you know the most sun-exposed professionals believe in your product.

UV Natural

SPF: 30+
Drip factor: It's by no means thick and dry, so you'll want to really make sure you apply it at least a good half hour before you plan to sweat or hit the water. Still, UV Natural is two-hours water resistant and definitely effective, so no worries, mate—you're covered.

Yet another Aussie product, this stuff is just good for you. All natural ingredients like grape seed extract, grape seed oil, green tea, sesame oils, macadamia oil, safflower oil, raw beeswax, iron oxides, zinc oxides and more not only provide UV protection will literally leave your face looking like you've just received an $60 facial—and when they describe their product as "fragrance free" yet "pleasant smelling" on their website, they aren't kidding. They have no need for frilly fragrances; all the delicious ingredients are enough to make this sunblock smell good enough to eat.

Zinka Nosecoat

SPF: Doesn't apply. This is a total block and isn't meant to rub into your skin.
Drip Factor: Barely any. You've basically got to scrub it off your face at the end of the day.

The '80s are back. Whether you prefer colored nosecoat in blue, beige, white, purple or fluorescent yellow, clear face stick or lip balm, don't worry too much about looking like Zach Morris because this stuff really works. It's 25 percent Zinc Oxide, reflects sunlight, blocking out UVA and UVB rays and is dirt cheap at $5.99 per tube. The tubes are small, but a little goes a long way. Zinka makes a clear SPF 30 sunscreen as well.

Raw Elements

SPF: 30+
Drip Factor: Low. Most people feel they only need a few applications for an entire day in the sun.

Made in a cream and a face stick, this 22.75 percent all-natural, broad spectrum, organic sunscreen is for the eco-conscious outdoors athlete. Runners, lifeguards, surfers and kitesurfers alike swear by it, especially because it's easy to reapply on wet and sweaty skin. And like the Australian UV Natural, it's actually good for your skin in its moisturizing benefits. And also like its Aussie peer, it's a great alternative if you suffer from breakouts when you wear sunscreen all day.


SPF: 30 and 50
Drip Factor: Also made specifically for hardcore athletes, the foam, cream and face stick won't run into eyes and the face stick can be applied to wet and sweaty skin.

It comes in several forms and it's endorsed by professional triathletes, snowboarders, volleyball players, surfers. Ranging from about $10 to $15, the bang for your buck is the best part of this face sunscreen.

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Christina Scannapiego is the online Outdoors Editor for Active.com .
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Christina Scannapiego

Christina Scannapiego is the Outdoors editor for Active.com. She?loves yoga?and is fanatical about getting her?endorphins pumping outside.
Christina Scannapiego is the Outdoors editor for Active.com. She?loves yoga?and is fanatical about getting her?endorphins pumping outside.

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