3 Must-Visit Regions of Olympic National Park

Say you were designing the ideal national park, a SimCity for preserved land, so to speak—what's it going to have?

Let's start with trees; lots of trees, an ocean of trees—tall, green, majestic trees. What's next? Maybe some mountains; big mountains with snow-capped peaks and glaciers. Oh, and while we're at it, let’s throw in some crystal blue rivers and turquoise lakes. And to top it off, let’s add an ocean, beaches, bald eagles, salmon, waterfalls, elk and black bears.

Is this outdoor heaven? Close, it's Olympic National Park.

A mere three-hour drive west of Seattle, nestled in the mighty Olympic Mountain Range lies one of our nation's most awe-inspiring natural landscapes. And this jewel of a park has three distinct and remarkable regions that make it unlike any other place on the planet.

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