The Lowdown on Sedona Mountain Biking


Must-do trail: The Bell Rock Pathway is a great jumping off point for most of the good trails. Broken Arrow is a classic, as is Templeton Trail. But for flow and fun find the Llama trail east of Bell Rock.

Best bike shop: Sedona Bike & Bean has two locations, our favorite is in the Village of Oak Creek plus a new one in Sedona. Mountain Bike Heaven and Absolute Bikes in Sedona are also great resources.

Best map: Cosmic Ray's Fat Tire Tales and Trails Mountain Bike Guide to Arizona is a classic book that covers not only Sedona, but the entire state. For an in-depth look, stop in the Oak Creek Bike & Bean and check out their 3-D topographic map/model diorama.

Best coffee: Again, the Bike & Bean has great coffee and mountain bike culture, but the Ravenheart coffee shop is probably the best.

Best bar/restaurant: Sedona is mostly a resort/tourist town for an older crowd, so there isn't much of a bar scene. But restaurants abound. We like Maria's Restaurant & Cantina for Mexican food.

Riding season: Sedona gets pretty hot in the summer, so spring and fall are ideal.

Getting there: Sedona is a two-hour drive north of Phoenix, which is the nearest major airport. It's an hour south of Flagstaff.

Lodging: Sedona is a tourist town, so you can find 5-star luxury condos, bed and breakfasts, and chain hotels. But the best place to stay, by far, is the Quail Ridge Resort in the Village of Oak Creek. It's quiet, relaxing and two minutes by bike from trail heads.

Other things to do: Sedona has a couple of swanky golf clubs and numerous art galleries, new age shops, and the like.


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