Endless Effort Pays Off for Recruit

Casting the Net

Brock put together a list of 40 or 50 schools that he would be interested in, most of them on the west coast. He would then log on to each school's athletic website and examine the roster to see what their kicking situation was like.

If they were stacked with young kickers and had four or five on the roster, he would move on. If they had a couple of seniors and an obvious hole to fill for the future, he would contact the school and send them the few highlights he had from his junior year.

"I would get the general reply back saying, 'We got your film and we'll let you know,'" Brock said. "I thought it was awesome just hearing back from schools I sent stuff to."

With limited film, Brock knew that his senior season would be crucial toward his college chances. So he kept lifting weights, kept improving his kicking and kept the work ethic that got him this far.

It was his only choice.

Keeping On Top of It

Brock was Santa Fe Christian's top kicker during the 2008 season. Up in the stands, his father had a small digital camera with video capabilities in hand, waiting for Brock's opportunities. He would record Brock's kickoffs, extra points and field-goal attempts. Then he would take advantage of all the technology at his fingertips, which included constantly updating Brock's online video profile at ActiveRecruiting.com. Brock's highlights were always fresh, giving coaches a reason to look at them every week.

"He would kick at a game on Friday night, and by 11 o'clock that night, I had video clips of his game online and available for anybody to see that next morning--with edited information about him and everything," Doug said. "Throughout the season, you could track him day by day."

While some of Brock's teammate had to completely overhaul their highlight DVD whenever they made a great play mid-season, the Millers would log on to Active Recruiting and simply add Brock's highlights in. It was effortless and instant. On the other end, coaches they kept in close contact with appreciated how easy it was.

"We called the special teams coach at UCLA and he said, 'I have a stack of videos this high,'" Doug said. "I said, 'Are you at your computer right now? Let me walk you through this.' We got him onto the website in a second and it was really cool."


Brock had a great senior season, showing off his accuracy and improving leg strength and picking up several honors. Midway through his senior year, the schools Brock had already contacted were starting to return the interest more and more.

See For Yourself

Letters came from Division I-A schools like San Diego State. Smaller schools like Azusa Pacific were calling often.

Boise State was intrigued. Cal Poly showed significant interest, and Brock was interested too. But that all changed when the coaching staff left for new jobs at Army.

It was back to the drawing board. Recruiting has its way of throwing wicked curveballs. The key is to keep at it.

"We were told early on that it's a numbers game," Doug said. "You've got to get out into as many coaching offices as possible."

Eventually, Brock's online presence made a big difference. The coaching staff at Southern Utah ran across his highlight tape on the Internet and, needing a kicker, contacted him and urged him to make an official visit.

Brock didn't know much about Southern Utah. So he scheduled the visit with an open mind.

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