The 3 Types of Fitness Goals You Need to Set

The Daily Goal

So now we are down to the last type of goal you need to set: daily goals. This is an action you need to take every single day to realize your intermediate goal, which will then help you realize your lifetime goal.

If you’re looking to get fitter, what daily goals could you set to make sure you get to the gym? One could be going to sleep earlier: “I will be in bed every night by 10 p.m. so I am rested for my morning workout.” If your goals are more nutritionally focused, you could resolve to keep a daily food diary or eat a vegetable at every meal.

Write these daily goals out under your intermediate goals.

Once you’ve written down all three types, you should see a goal “funnel” that will guarantee your success. As long as you stick to your daily goals, your intermediate goals will become a reality. And if your intermediate goals become a reality, your lifetime goal will be the next to give—this makes that pie in the sky, ultimate goal actually achievable. 

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