Rowing Workouts for Runners

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Rowing can be a very effective supplemental workout for runners. When you're rowing, you train the same muscles and techniques you'll need to be a better runner. Here are three rowing workouts for runners that will help you improve your running performance.

If you haven't rowed before, or are unsure about rowing technique, check out How to Use a Rowing Machine where I break down the basics of rowing technique.

Let's get rowing!

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Workout 1 - Long Runs

Overview: 3 sets of 20 minutes with 2-3 minutes of rest between sets.

Split: Within the 20 minutes, do 4 minutes and 30 seconds steady at 20 strokes per minute (spm), then 30 seconds of high-intensity burst. Repeat

Goal: Steady-state intensity is a great opportunity to work on technique. Focus on how you're pushing, your positioning, and how you're transferring power from your legs to your core. Maintain consistent pacing and pressure through your legs.

Workout 2 - Tempo Runs

Overview: 4-5 sets of 2,000 meters with 5 minutes of rest between sets.

Split: Within each 2,000 meters, every 500 meters shift from 24 spm to 26 spm to 28 spm to 30 spm. Try to bring your split time down 2-4 seconds.

Goal: Increase rate and intensity together. Think about pushing harder with your legs and swinging back harder through your core, similar to the last stages of a race when you're really trying to bring your pace down.

Workout 3 - HIIT Runs

Overview: 8 sets of 500 meters with 1 minute of rest between sets.

Split: For 500 meters, try to maintain 30+ spm for all 500 meters.

Goal: Hold your technique while maintaining maximum effort. This workout will help you build strength and improve power output.

Those are your three rowing workouts for runners to supplement long runs, tempo runs, and HIIT runs. If you want more workouts like these, join the Hydrow community and get one-on-one coaching with myself or one of our other coaches.