GoPro Hero9 Review: Thrilling Image Quality, Action-Ready Video


The next time you hit the trail or take to the waves, why not bring a camera to capture your entire journey? The GoPro Hero9 is a popular option, providing a waterproof and trail-ready design and allowing you to take incredibly high-quality images and crystal-clear videos. It's a robust, feature-rich action cam that should be on any adventure-lover's list.

But of course, whether you're into biking, hiking, or recording your tennis matches, there are plenty of camera products to choose from. What sets the GoPro Hero9 apart from the rest? Find out with this in-depth review from the ACTIVE Reviews Team.

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A Quick Look at the GoPro Hero9

Since 2002, GoPro has been the leading name in action cameras. Not only does GoPro offer advanced equipment to help you capture your mountain biking trek, your trail run, or your snowboarding experience, but the company also provides a lot of easy-to-use editing software and apps. The Hero line represents GoPro's flagship product, known for high-resolution imagery and smooth video and picture quality even during intense motion.

The GoPro Hero9

GoPro Hero9


  • Video capture resolution: 5K
  • Photo size: 20 MP
  • Lens type: Detachable
  • Stabilization: Max HyperSmooth 3.0
  • Waterproof: 33 ft.
  • Key features: Built-in mounting with folding fingers, GoPro Quik app, long battery life, dual screens, compatible with over 30 accessories

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Video Capture Resolution

Looking for a camera that allows you to capture crystal-clear action videos? The GoPro Hero9 displays astonishing 5K video quality, ensuring your highlight reels come through in vivid, lifelike detail. You can also capture immaculate 14.7 MP stills from each video, making it easy to isolate and save your favorite frames. Time lapse and slo-mo features are also included, helping you bring just the right dramatic flair to your biggest jumps or craziest treks.

Photo Size

At 20 MP, the image quality here is impressively high. No matter where your adventures take you, you'll be able to remember it all with clarity and precision. The Hero9 also includes a ton of unique ways to take photos: Hindsight captures up to 30 seconds before you hit record, Schedule Capture lets you set a time to start recording, and LiveBurst enables photo flurries.

Lens Type

In addition to the detachable lens, the GoPro Hero9 comes with front-screen selfie functions plus back-screen capabilities for intuitive control. Simply put, this is a very flexible and adaptable camera, providing you with loads of options for capturing your desired images.


One of the defining features of GoPro cameras is the ability to keep your shots stable, even when you're in full action mode. The GoPro Hero9 is no exception. HyperSmooth 3.0 delivers advanced stabilization and horizon leveling, keeping every video stable and smooth even in slo-mo.


Looking for a camera you can take windsurfing, diving, or kayaking? This one is waterproof up to 33 feet, so it is a rugged and dependable companion for any maritime adventure.

Key Features

You can augment your camera with over 30 mounts and accessories, such as a directional mic or light for vlogging, plus access the GoPro Quik app for easy, on-the-fly editing. The camera also comes with built-in mounting via the signature folding fingers, creating easy options for keeping your GoPro stable and secure with the wide variety of mounting accessories available. The battery life is 30 percent more than the previous cameras in the Hero collection, making this iteration even better suited to off-road adventuring.


  • 30-percent more battery life
  • High-quality video and photo
  • Advanced stabilization
  • Rear and front screens
  • Detachable lens
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity
  • Decent audio quality
  • Waterproof to 33ft


  • You may need to buy some mods and accessories to get the specific features you want
  • Can be a little glitchy in lower temperatures

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Final Thoughts on the GoPro Hero9

GoPro Hero9

The GoPro Hero9 is an outstanding option for anyone seeking a rugged, dependable, and waterproof action camera. For the majority of action sport enthusiasts, this product will offer everything you could possibly want, from crystal-clear images to robust stabilization.

FAQs About the GoPro Hero9

Does the GoPro Hero9 take good pictures?

Definitely; the 20MP images are of a very high quality, allowing you to capture your adventures with immense clarity and detail.

Is a GoPro Hero9 good for YouTube videos?

Yes. In addition to high-resolution video, there are framing and stabilizing features that make GoPro ideal for vlogging, or for YouTube videos in general.

Is the GoPro Hero9 waterproof?

Yes, it's waterproof up to 33 feet.

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