Full-Body CrossFit Circuit Workout

Traveling doesn't have to wreck havoc on your regular training routine. That's why we love a "portable" WOD (workout of the day), so you can still sneak in a sweat without, well, sweating the details of where to do it and what equipment you need.

The CrossFit-style circuit below targets your entire body and spikes your heart rate for an effective and fast workout on the go. The routine was created by Jordan Holland, owner at XPLORE CROSSFIT in Seattle and photographed at the revamped fitness center at Kimpton Seattle's Alexis Hotel. And while every hotel may not have the luxe equipment and spacious floor plan (a two-room workout center!) as the Alexis, this is effective workout is the ultimate no-excuses routine you can do anytime, anywhere.

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You'll do each exercise back-to-back (or with as little rest as possible) for a total-body workout in eight minutes. If you have more time, repeat the circuit one or two more times. So bookmark this circuit workout, then book your next vacation—just don't forget to pack your sneakers.

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