The Best Golf Shoes: The Right Fit for Every Golfer

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Summer is an ideal time to get the family out on the course and break out a new pair of new golf shoes. The best golf shoes need to match your playing style, level of commitment, and comfort preferences. Golf is a game that relies on the support of your lower body, and the shoes you wear play a major role in reducing or preventing chronic pain on the course. As well as providing greater traction, stability and balance, which are three incredibly important keys to getting the proper contact when you hit the ball, allowing greater accuracy and distance with your shots.

The Best Golf Shoes - Our Top Picks

When searching for the right golf shoes for you, remember to keep comfort, playability, and versatility in mind. To help you on your search, we put together a guide containing our top 7 golf shoes, as well as the key factors to consider. Whether you're a serious player who hits the course daily or a seasonal golfer who prioritizes comfort, there’s something for you on this list.

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Best Overall Golf Shoes – adidas Tour360 22 Golf Shoes

Adidas Tour3650 22 Golf Shoes


  • Outer sole: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with spikes
  • Midsole: TPU
  • Spikes: 6 soft spikes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Key features: Ergonomic foam sole to fit foot
  • Sizes: Men's 7-15; women's 5-11


It's rare for a golf shoe to combine style, athleticism, and performance, but that is what you get with the adidas Tour360. It tops the charts in stability as its TPU midsole, ergonomic foam insole, and wide base that effectively connects golfers to the ground. The adidas Tour360 also features particularly wide spikes on its outer sole, which add to the excellent traction they provide. The leather upper with a padded collar is partially made from recycled materials, which helps in making this a waterproof and easily cleanable shoe.

If you are in between two sizes, we recommend leaning toward the larger one. The shoes have a stiffer heel that can cause discomfort if you choose a size that’s too small. All elements considered, the Tour360's are leaders in the clubhouse for overall best golf shoe.


  • Ergonomic fit
  • Leather upper with padded collar
  • Wide base for support
  • 6 large soft spikes to aid in traction
  • Firm grip
  • Comes in 6 different colorways


  • Stiff heel can lead to blisters
  • Expensive

BUY: adidas Tour360 22 Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes for Beginners – adidas Flopshot Spikeless Golf Shoes

Adidas Flopshot Spikeless Golf Shoes


  • Outer sole: TPU spikeless
  • Midsole: TPU
  • Spikes: Spikeless
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Key features: Snug fit and simple design
  • Sizes: Men's 7-13; no women's sizes


We can't think of a better shoe for someone looking to jump feet first into the game. The adidas Flopshot has an excellent fit, a timeless design, and a spikeless outer sole that allows for versatility, all at a reasonable price point. On the course, a TPU midsole and FitFoam Geo contouring around the heel offer strong stability and balance.

The main drawback of the Flopshot is that it can struggle in poor weather. Your grip might be sacrificed if you’re playing in rainy conditions. This pair is also relatively low on the softness scale, so players looking for the highest level of performance and traction should look elsewhere.

However, this is a great place to start for someone new to the game, and it can also fit in nicely as a warm-weather shoe that slides into the rotation on sunny days. It's a quality, dynamic shoe that won't break the bank.

What We Like

  • Regular fit
  • Spikeless flexible outsole
  • Slow resilient sockliner
  • FitFoam Geo comfort around the heel
  • 4 colors available
  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Upper made partially with recycled material
  • Can be worn off the course

What We Don't Like

  • Poor traction in bad weather conditions
  • Leather may crack unless maintenance precautions are taken
  • Not as soft as higher-end shoes

BUY: adidas Flopshot Spikeless Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes Design – Men's UA HOVR Drive Spikeless Golf Shoes

Men's UA HOV Drive Spikeless Golf Shoes


  • Outer sole: TPU spikeless
  • Midsole: UA HOVR cushioning with olefin
  • Spikes: Spikeless
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Key features: Lightweight shoe with high-end comfort
  • Sizes: Men's 7-15; no women's sizes


The UA HOVR Drive is above average in all categories, making it the most well-rounded spikeless golf shoe on the market. It starts with a simple, athletic design that appeals to all age groups. The lightweight shoe feels as comfortable as it looks, prioritizing flexibility, breathability, and a molded EVA footbed to aid in the superb cushioning around your feet.

We especially like the effective TPU outer sole design. The HOVR Drive excels by marrying the walkability of a top spikeless shoe with the traction found in a top spiked shoe. There are few places to nitpick for a shoe as complete as this one, but it's worth noting that the shoe is slightly on the narrower side. There is E sizing available for those who need a wider fit.

What We Like

  • Breathable microfiber upper
  • Overall lightweight shoe
  • Molded heel for improved support
  • Rotational resistant outsole for traction
  • Flexible TPU spikeless outsole
  • Molded EVA footbed
  • E sizing available
  • Waterproof membrane

What We Don't Like

  • Might be hard to find the right fit if stuck between regular and E-sizing

BUY: Men's UA HOVR Drive Spikeless Golf Shoes

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes – ProAdapt Alphacat Golf Shoes

ProAdapt Alphacat Golf Shoes


  • Outer sole: Crystal rubber with TPU perimeter
  • Midsole: Adapt Foam, made of EVA cushioning and impact resistant polymer
  • Spikes: Spikeless
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Key features: High-tech waterproof capabilities
  • Sizes: Men's 7-15; women's 5.5-12


Expecting rainy weather on the course? In that case, we recommend Puma's ProAdapt Alphacat shoe. Relying on an exoshell with a mesh upper and TPU film, the Alphacat takes pride in its durability, support, and waterproof capabilities. Plus, these shoes come with a one-year waterproof warranty.

With an EVA midsole and a central crystal rubber with a TPU perimeter, the shoes easily stay connected to the turf. However, it does come with a firmer upper—meaning there is less support on the top of the foot than the bottom—and the tongue doesn’t detach, which can take some getting used to.

What We Like

  • Adapt Foam midsole with EVA cushioning
  • Exoshell provides high-quality waterproofing
  • Exciting color scheme options
  • Solid traction for spikeless shoe
  • Tremendous ankle support

What We Don't Like

  • Firmer upper than most golf shoes
  • Permanently fixed tongue makes it awkward to take on and off
  • High price point

BUY: ProAdapt Alphacat Golf Shoes

Best Budget Golf Shoes – Callaway Men's Solana XT Golf Shoes

Callaway Men's Solana XT Golf Shoes


  • Outer sole: Spikeless dura-rubber
  • Midsole: Opti-soft EVA
  • Spikes: Spikeless
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Key features: Soft midsole support at a reasonable price
  • Sizes: Men's 7-16; women's 6-11


The best golf shoes don’t have to cost you a fortune. And, there’s little separating the Callaway Solana XT golf shoes from its more expensive competitors. Behind a breathable mesh upper and supportive, soft EVA midsole, this pair comes out swinging with comfort. The spikeless dura-rubber outer sole is a strong contender in the traction category and comes with a versatile design so you can sport these shoes on and off the course.

Although there may be small sacrifices in performance and durability, the Solana XT is ideal for beginners or someone looking for quality golf shoes at an inexpensive price.

What We Like

  • Performance mesh upper
  • Opti-soft EVA midsole
  • PLUSfoam insole for increased comfort
  • Opti-vent mesh liner for breathability
  • 3D stability carriage
  • Can wear off the course
  • Far less expensive than the average shoe

What We Don't Like

  • Sizing runs small
  • Flimsy, narrow fit around the toe

BUY: Callaway Men's Solana XT Golf Shoes

Best Stable Golf Shoes – Athalonz Men's EnVe Performance Shoes

Athalonz Men's EnVe Performance Shoes


  • Outer sole: Intrinsic
  • Midsole Phylon
  • Spikes: Spikeless
  • Waterproof: No
  • Key features: Keeps weight centered for better balance
  • Sizes: Men's 5-14; women's 6.5-10


Balance is the name of the game for the Athalonz EnVe Performance golf shoes. The phylon midsole and “tilted” insoles aim to naturally bring your feet more toward the center of your body. This is beneficial during the golf swing because it reduces swaying from side to side while promoting better body rotation.

Athalonz openly admits that this pair runs about a half-size small, so make sure to adjust accordingly. If you struggle with a lack of sturdiness in the swing, we think the EnVe Performance golf shoes should be near the top of your list.

What We Like

  • Midsole promotes keeping weight centered
  • Lightweight performance (13.9 oz., based on size 10)
  • Water-resistant toe box
  • Removable wool insoles

What We Don't Like

  • Sizing runs half-size small
  • Not waterproof

BUY: Athalonz Men's EnVe Performance Shoes

Most Comfortable Golf Shoes – Asics Gel-Kayano Ace

Asics Gel-Kayano Ace


  • Outer sole: GEL silicone
  • Midsole: FlyteFoam elastic fiber
  • Spikes: Spikeless
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Key features: Running shoe comfort with golf shoe performance
  • Sizes: Men's 6-14; no women's size


With the appearance and support of a running shoe, the Asics Gel-Kayano Ace delivers a bold take on the modern golf shoe. At first glance, this looks like a typical Asics running shoe—lightweight, supportive, and athletic—but this Gel-Kayano Ace is specifically designed for golf. The shoes boast a TPU heel cradle and enhanced ankle padding for stability, while the outer sole studs are strategically placed to encourage traction throughout the golf swing.

If you’re a golfer who deals with chronic back or joint pain, the Gel-Kayano Ace might provide some relief. It won't appeal to golf traditionalists who only want to play the game in typical golf shoes, but anyone who places comfort at the top of their wish list should give these kicks a try.

What We Like

  • Heavily supportive in midfoot and heel
  • TPU heel cradle
  • 4 color options
  • Waterproof membrane on upper
  • Comfortable ankle padding
  • GEL technology cushioning provides shock absorption
  • Wide toe box allows toes to move freely
  • Beneficial for those with chronic pain
  • Can be worn for most athletic activities

What We Don't Like

  • Running shoe style might not appeal to some
  • Lightweight design could be adjusted from traditional golf shoe

BUY: Asics Gel-Kayano Ace

What to Look for When Shopping for Golf Shoes


No golf shoe, regardless of style or performance benefits, is worth wearing if it makes you feel uncomfortable. If you’re someone who generally walks while playing, the comfort component is even more important. To that end, don't feel as if you have to suffer through a lengthy "breaking in" period. Those days are gone—the modern golf shoe can be cozy the same day it comes out of the box.


Are you a consistent player who values durability and balance throughout the swing? Are you also someone who is willing to play in wet conditions? A higher-end shoe would be appropriate because it places performance, traction, waterproof abilities, and staying power ahead of everything else. If you’re going to play a lot of golf and want to reach the highest level of your ability, a top-tier golf shoe is necessary.


One variable in many of the best golf shoes is that they can easily be worn in other settings outside the course. In particular, spikeless shoes can provide the style and convenience that makes them a go-to-the-grocery-store kind of shoe. While spikes generally offer more traction, spikeless shoes can score high in versatility and comfort. Some modern spikeless golf shoes are comparable to the best training shoes.

In some cases, golf shoes have the versatility to be worn in other athletic activities. Your goals with the shoes when off the course are important when thinking about which pair to buy.

FAQs About Golf Shoes

Do golf shoes really make a difference?

Golf shoes are an absolute must-have (as well as a proper golf bag) if you want to maximize your enjoyment on the course. They enhance and support a golfer's performance, allowing for a comfortable and effective golf swing.

Can I wear regular shoes for golf?

You are allowed to wear regular shoes to play golf, but it can be difficult to avoid slipping in them while making a golf swing. Golf shoes prioritize side-to-side movement, providing a form of stability that regular shoes can't match.

What's the difference between golf shoes and running shoes?

Golf shoes have larger soles and a wider base compared to running shoes. This promotes balance throughout the golf swing. The other major difference is traction. Golf shoes either have spikes or "traction lugs" that help golfers maintain their footing during the twisting motion of the swing. Having the right shoes for the sport can improve your performance.

Do pros wear spikeless golf shoes?

There are some pros who wear spikeless golf shoes, although they are in the minority. Most pros wear golf shoes with soft spikes, while some prefer metal spikes. This is done to maximize traction in all weather conditions.

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