The Best adidas Shoes for Any Occasion

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When you browse lists of the best running shoes or soccer cleats, you’ll find adidas on the list several times. That's because adidas is one of the most reliable and recognizable shoe brands in the world. Its reputation has been earned by a history of quality materials, sleek style, and high performance.

Adidas brings the same quality and performance to every shoe category they offer and now you can find adidas shoes that are right for almost any occasion, from skateboarding to tennis. While we could recommend almost any adidas shoe without worrying about a drop in quality, we set out to find which are truly the best.

After researching dozens of different shoes, we have put together our list of the best adidas shoes. To make our list, the shoes had to be a combination of timeless style, high quality, and great performance.

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The Best adidas Shoes - Our Top Picks

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Best Overall - Stan Smith Shoes

Stan Smith Shoes


  • Upper material: Primegreen
  • Outsole: Rubber Outsole
  • Color options: 23


Choosing the best overall adidas shoe was not difficult. The adidas Stan Smith is immediately recognizable almost anywhere in the world for its timeless style. The subtle color accents on the heel and collar make it easy to personalize and style without losing the classic look.

These adidas sneakers have been one of the brand's best selling styles for almost 40 years. This newest version has a Primegreen upper that is made with recycled polyester and synthetic vegan leather as part of adidas' commitment to reducing waste and protecting the planet.

What We Like

  • Classic style
  • 20 color options
  • Vegan and recycled materials

What We Don't Like

  • Several reviews say they run a half size big
  • The mostly white upper can scuff easily

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Best Running Shoes - adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA Shoes

adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA Shoes


  • Upper material: PRIMEKNIT Textile
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Color options: 15


Historically, adidas excels in making high-quality running shoes and the adidas Ultraboost line keeps that tradition going. The Ultraboost 5.0 DNA shoes have PRIMEKNIT uppers that are flexible but strong and a BOOST midsole that absorbs shock and gives your foot an energetic spring as you run.

The curve on the front of the Ultraboost encourages your stride to strike at the proper angle and the molded heel keeps your foot locked in place. The Ultraboost doesn't have the sock-like fit of some running shoes, but the quality and construction won't let you down during a long run.

What We Like

  • BOOST midsole
  • Molded heel
  • Curved sole

What We Don't Like

  • The material is not resistant to abrasions
  • The exposed BOOST midsole could suffer damage

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Best Basketball Shoes - Dame 8 Shoes

Dame 8 Shoes


  • Upper material: Textile
  • Outsole: Rubber outsole
  • Color options: 7


Basketball shoes are not a large part of adidas' brand, but the few options they do have are classic adidas quality. The Dame 8 is part of Damian Lillard's signature shoe line and it has a unique look you can wear on or off the court.

The textile knit uppers on these shoes are comfortable but durable so you won't have to worry about wear as you're making cuts or quick changes of direction during a game. The Bounce Pro midsole will give you stable support for speed and precision and the collar is mid-cut so your ankle will have good support.

What We Like

  • Bounce Pro midsole
  • Mid-cut ankle support
  • Recycled material

What We Don't Like

  • Men’s sizing—women will have to size down
  • The lace closures don't go up to the ankle

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Best Walking Shoes - Gazelle Shoes

Gazelle Shoes


  • Upper material: Nubuck, synthetic overlay
  • Outsole: Rubber outsole
  • Color options: 8


The adidas Gazelle shoes share a lot of stylistic features with classic adidas shoes like the Stan Smiths and the Sambas Superstars. The Gazelle shoes make improvements on quality and durability with a soft nubuck leather upper with synthetic overlays.

The rubber outsole rises over the sides and front of the shoe to create a molding that protects the sides and upper from scuffs. Over the years, adidas has produced innovative and modern-style tennis shoes like the adidas Superstar with a shell toe and other newer features, but the classics like the Gazelle have remained adidas' bread and butter.

What We Like

  • Durable materials
  • Classic style
  • High outsole to protect the upper and sides

What We Don't Like

  • Synthetic liner may not be comfortable for everyone
  • Not made with recycled materials

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Best for Trail Running - TERREX Speed Ultra Trail Running Shoes

TERREX Speed Ultra Trail Running Shoes


  • Upper material: Mesh with abrasion resistance
  • Outsole: Continental Rubber outsole
  • Color options: 3


If you like running on the trail more than running on the road or a track, then the TERREX Speed Ultra is a shoe you will love. The outsole is Continental Rubber—yes, of the tire company—which will give you maximum traction and stability on the varying terrain you'll find trail running.

The TERREX Speed Ultra also has a breathable and quick-drying mesh upper that is reinforced with abrasion-resistant materials in strategic areas. This shoe was co-designed with Tom Evans, a professional ultra-distance runner whose feedback was a large part of the shoe's design.

What We Like

  • Lightstrike midsole
  • Co-created with ultra-distance runner Tom Evans
  • Very comfortable

What We Don't Like

  • Limited color options
  • The protective molding could be higher

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Best for Stability - Ultraboost 22 Shoes

Ultraboost 22 Shoes


  • Upper Material: PRIMEKNIT, recycled materials
  • Outsole: Stretchweb with Continental Rubber
  • Color Options: 26


When you need maximum stability for your feet, look no further than the Ultraboost 22. This shoe takes the Ultraboost line’s basic structure and bulks up the comfort by adding extra reinforcement materials to increase support.

The PRIMEKNIT upper is mesh, but the yarn is made of 50% recycled ocean plastic and 50% recycled polyester to provide a more structured fit. What we really love about this shoe is the outsole. The Continental rubber itself is high quality, high traction, and very durable, but adidas took it a step further and reinforced it with a Stretchweb design to add even more support to key areas of your foot.

What We Like

  • 50% recycled ocean plastic and 50% recycled polyester upper
  • BOOST midsole
  • Stretchweb sole design

What We Don't Like

  • The textile liner could be more durable
  • The upper has a snug fit, especially for wide feet

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Best Skate Shoes - adidas Busenitz Pro Shoes

adidas Busenitz Pro Shoes


  • Upper material: Textile and synthetics
  • Outsole: Pivot-Point rubber
  • Color options: 4


There are a lot of things to love about the adidas Busenitz skate shoes. This shoe gets its looks from the classic adidas Copa Mundial soccer shoe, with a slight redesign. The upper is crafted from textile and synthetics so it is both comfortable and very resistant to blowouts and wear. The recessed lace closure holes keep the laces from being shredded by the board.

The standout features of the Busenitz Pro are the Geofit collar and the Pivot-Point rubber outsoles. The Geofit collar provides the same ultimate support to all parts of your ankle, while the Pivot-Point rubber soles give you precise control and traction, making these shoes the best for practicing new tricks.

What We Like

  • Geofit collar
  • Recessed lace closures to prevent shredding
  • Designed with Dennis Busentiz

What We Don't Like

  • The cupsole doesn't protect the toe
  • Limited color choices

BUY: adidas Busenitz Pro Shoes

How To Choose the Best adidas Shoes


You can wear shoes for different activities than they were created for. You've probably seen plenty of people wearing basketball shoes with casual clothes or wearing running shoes like sneakers. But to get the highest performance out of your shoes, it is good to know what purpose they were actually created for and go from there.


No matter how much you like a shoe's performance or quality, you are much less likely to wear them if you hate the style. And that's okay, especially because you are almost guaranteed to find a shoe with the performance you want in a style you like, no settling necessary.


Many brands have made an effort to limit their waste production. Adidas has several shoe styles that are made with recycled materials like ocean plastic or textile waste. There are also styles that are made of vegan, synthetic leather for those who want the durability of classic materials while not compromising their principles. Knowing which materials you're looking for will help you narrow your search.

FAQs About adidas Shoes

How long do adidas shoes last?

Adidas makes high-quality shoes, but how long they will last is dependent on a lot of different factors. There are some materials that will naturally last longer than others and some that will last a long time if you take care of them properly.

Making your shoes last is a combination of knowing their purpose, getting the right material, and maintenance. For example, if you wear basketball shoes around town, you can expect to replace them much sooner than if you only wear them on the basketball court.

Are adidas shoes worth it?

Yes, adidas shoes are some of the best, so they are definitely worth it. It is also important to note that adidas has shoes that fit into most budgets without sacrificing much in quality or performance.

Is adidas a good shoe?

Yes, adidas are good shoes. The materials are quality and the shoes generally have a high performance. Remember, adidas has been producing shoes for a long time and they are worn all over the world for a reason.

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