An Easy Way to Aggregate All of Your Fitness Data

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p>Maybe you're a MapMyRun kind of girl, or maybe you manually log your food and workouts with MapMyFitness. If you're like 21 percent of Americans, as estimated by a Pew Research Center study, you use some kind of app or device to track your health.

Like many people, maybe you even use more than one type of technology for tracking. Switching from app to app and syncing and plugging in different devices can be a huge pain though (trust us, we've been there.) Enter EveryMove, an app and website that aggregates all of your info from various apps and converts your activity into points, which you can then use to get rewarded.

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Though the platform launched in 2012, the latest big update makes it much faster and easier to use, so you'll keep coming back. Here's all you need to know about the improved platform, and why you should sign up now:

  • You can manually enter workouts or sync activity from more than 150 fitness devices & apps.
  • If you switch devices, you won't lose your data.
  • You can compare activity with friends who use different devices more easily.
  • Your activity gets converted to points, which you can use to earn prizes, like discounts from top wellness brands. You can also have your points go towards different charities (I just sent $1 to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center!)
  • It feels like a game. Badges, Levels, and Leaderboards turn tracking into a game, whether you want to compete with friends or just compete against yourself.
  • Don't use a fitness tracker or app yet? There are so many on the market, it can be hard to find which is right for you. EveryMove has a directory of the most popular ones to help you filter through them.
  • With over a quarter million users, companies and healthcare providers are starting to take notice. You could earn a paycheck bonus, gift card, or discount on your health insurance premium just by living an active life. Score.

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